SafeboxIQ was developed in 2011 by Cybersoft BPO in response to the growing need of mortgage brokers and bankers for a solution that is paperless, efficient, secure, and enables the flow of electronic documents to be properly coordinated, managed and organized for processing, distribution, storage, and retrieval, etc. Cybersoft BPO has been in the offshore outsourcing business for over 24+ years. From simple offshore data entry for clients in the United States, the company has evolved to doing complex , client-centric tasks and processes.

SafeboxIQ’s unique proposition is that it has combined Back Office support and Web-Based Applications to bring about best returns to the clients.


As the back office support, SafeboxIQ BPO shall examine, put together pages, categorize, verify and validate data, etc., on your behalf; thus freeing your mortgage professionals from these mundane tasks and give them more time to do what they do best;  Sales can concentrate on customer relationship management and getting new clients, while Processors can focus on ensuring that the paperwork needed to put together the packages will result in high quality loans to stand the scrutiny of Underwriters, Lenders, etc.


SafeboxIQ Software applications, on the other hand, were developed to support mortgage professionals during Loan processing as well as in document management.




• Stacking Orders set up

• Document Uploading Tools

• Task Manager and Document Management Tools

• Data Capture and Analyses

• Document Deficiency Tracking

• Needs List Generation

• User & Guest Access Management

• Conversation Logs and Sticky Notes

• Cross-branch processing

• Stacking Order Status updates

• Manual and automatic assemblage of documents during creation of Initial Submissions, PTD, PTF, Closing & Funding packages



In Sales Status


  • Provides an overview of all active loans owned by the LO or PA, and the stages that these loans are in, at present


LO Fundings


  • Shows the summary of loans originated by the LO that were funded during the month



Sales File Breakdown


  • Shows the active loans of LO and PA broken down per loan purpose



Loan Officers' and

Production Assistants’

Monthly Summary



  • Shows a more detailed examination of the loan documents in the Pipeline of the Loan Officer or Production Assistant



In Process Status


  • Provides an overview of active loans that were assigned to the Processor, the value of these loans (in USD) as well as the stages these are in, at present



Submitted to Processing (STP)

Not Submitted to Lender



  • Shows all loans that were Submitted To Processing (STP) but have not yet been Submitted To Lender



Processor Pipelines


  • Provides a general idea of the purpose of the loans that the Processor has on his Pipeline



Processor File Breakdown


  • Shows a more detailed examination of the Loan files in the Pipeline of the Processor



Processors' and

Assistant Processors'

Monthly Summary



  • Gives an idea of the volume of Loans that the Processor or Assistant Processor had been working on during the selected month



Individual Dashboard


  • Shows the individual pipeline and performance of all Users



Branch Dashboard


  • Provides an overview of the loans processed by the branch or branches



Branch Dashboard by Lenders





  • Provides a breakdown of the loans processed by the branch or branches,categorized according to their Lenders



Created and Funded Loans


  • Provides an overview loans created and funded during a given month